Practice Virtual Role-playing with Virtual Instinct

Get more repetitions (reps) with accomplished professionals playing the persona of your potential customers in scenarios custom-crafted for your company. 



THE BENEFITS OF Situational Sales

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Refine sales techniques in a safe
environment, without risking real clients

Use our virtual role-play solution to refine your sales team's techniques in a secure, risk-free environment without the pressure of real client interactions.

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Build skills from repetition and improve the experience for future customers

 Our role-plays provide your salespeople with the opportunity for continuous practice and repetition, helping them build and strengthen their ability.

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Challenge experienced sellers for growth or with new techniques to be more successful

With our virtual role-play solution, you're nurturing new talent and providing your seasoned sellers with advanced tools to further hone their instincts.

empowering sales performance with More practice

Virtual Instinct is set to offer an effective method for practicing your company's sales approach with Virtual Role-playing conducted on our Conversation Intelligence Platform with real people playing the part of your prospective clients.

This innovative solution allows sales professionals to hone their instincts in simulated environments for refining their on-camera presence, product pitching skills, and sales techniques with experienced like-minded people.


ELEVATING SALES SUCCESS with more experience 

 Handpicked Personas To Amplify Your Target Audience's Voice 
Virtual Instinct handpicks skilled actors, experienced business leaders, coaches, or consultants to embody specific personas and effectively represent individuals with buying power in your target audience.

 Tailored Virtual Simulations for Sales Rep Skill Enhancement
Sales Pros gain valuable experience without risking real clients by engaging in situational sales practice specifically designed for your team to get repetitions (Reps) in a variety of techniques with different personalities.

Bringing Role-playing to Life with Authentic Scenarios

Scenarios are tailored to your company's sales process and target audience and seamlessly integrated into our platform. Our technology guides role-players in real-time, reacting to the salesperson's input, and crafting a deeply authentic environment for your team to practice.

These simulations reflect the precise situations your company encounters and the personas you engage with, ensuring a structured and immersive learning experience for your sales team.

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Making Role-playing Feel Real with Real Specific Scripts

Scripts for our role-players are meticulously crafted to mirror real-world sales conversations with potential customers of your company. They encompass industry-specific terminology, acronyms, and relevant marketplace information to ensure authenticity.

Each script outlines a sales practice scenario with a company name, persona, title, existing solution or vendor in use, routine inquiries, frequent objections, and particular product needs paired with real-world use cases that your solutions address.

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PLAYBACK Clips From a Video Gallery of Key Moments

All role-playing sessions are recorded and automatically edited to several shorter one to two-minute key moments of each meeting, which are available for viewing in a video gallery "Film Room" specifically created for your company.

Key moments provide a sentiment score assessing the level of agreement in the scene along with a transcript for easy reviewing. Replaying these key moments allows your team the opportunity to improve sales talk tracks and techniques. 


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In-depth Consultation 

First, we will coordinate comprehensive consultations with your sales leadership to better understand how we can tailor our Virtual Role-play sessions to the unique needs of your company, sales team, and client base.

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Craft Real Scenarios

Once we've met with your team, our next step is to meticulously craft scenarios that will be most relevant to your company and team. From there, we will select the role-players who will bring these scenarios to life.

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Play Back Key Moments

Following your Virtual Role-play session, we will provide you with a video gallery of all the pivotal moments from your session, along with sentiment scores and transcripts you can review with your team.

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