Let Your Talent Shine in the Virtual Meeting World: Become a Role-player


As in-person presentations shift to on-camera virtual meetings, professional actors, executives, coaches, and consultants find exciting opportunities as role-players in situational sales practice scenarios with Virtual Instinct. 

HOW Do YOUR skills apply to virtual ROLE-PLAYS?

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Apply your experience to real-world practice

Utilize your professional training to play an extensive range of roles and characters in different scenarios. Your believability offers salespeople a variety of different personas to practice presenting their solutions while enabling them to refine specific approach strategies and techniques. 

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Bring role-plays to life with enhanced realism

By authentically embodying characters, you bring virtual role-play scenarios to life, creating experiences that mirror real-life sales interactions. Your dynamic portrayal not only challenges the salesperson's adaptability and skills but also prepares them for a wide array of real-world personalities and situations.

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Adapt quickly to different practice scenarios 

Your skill in swiftly adjusting to various sales contexts provides salespeople with a comprehensive range of challenging situations. This adaptability ensures that they are well-equipped to handle unexpected turns in real conversations, from hesitant customers to complex objections and closing techniques.

play the PERSONA of a potential customer and help sales pros NAVIGATE real-life scenarios

Virtual meetings have completely transformed how sales professionals interact with potential clients, presenting them with extraordinary prospects for connection. To truly captivate their audience, salespeople must exude unwavering confidence on camera, establish a genuine rapport, showcase expertise in their respective fields, and seamlessly adapt to unexpected situations. Achieving mastery of these essential skills requires dedicated and consistent practice.


Why Business Executives Excel as Virtual Role-players: Applying Real-World Experience to Every Interaction

In the modern era, business leaders now connect their teams virtually.  Executives, coaches, and consultants, backed by years of expertise and profound market knowledge, excel in decision evaluation and polished negotiation. 

Their on-camera presence and poise during sales presentations elevate virtual sales practice scenarios.  This collaboration allows sales teams to fine-tune their techniques with industry professionals playing the part of their potential customers.


WHY PROFESSIONAL ACTORS EXCEL AS VIRTUAL ROLE-PLAYERS: Bringing Authenticity and Versatility to Every Scene

With auditions primarily taking place online, professional actors bring together the art of sales and performing arts with their extensive on-set experience and confident on-camera presence, showcasing the undeniable passion and talent for their craft.

Actors meticulously embody their characters, commit lines to memory, continuously hone their skills, and employ mental techniques to evoke authentic emotions. Their effortless versatility captivates audiences and brings a diverse array of personas to life.

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Be Cast to Play a Role

As a Virtual Instinct Role-player, you will be cast specifically to play the persona of a potential customer of the salesperson. You will be guided by a scenario and a script for each session.

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Join a Virtual Meeting

Once you are selected for a client engagement, our automated scheduling system will send you and the salesperson a calendar invitation with a virtual meeting link dedicated to your role-play.

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Be Prompted What to Say

When you are in the virtual meeting the technology will prompt you with what to say from the script based on what it hears, equivalent to a news anchor reading a teleprompter on live television.

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