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Professional sellers must listen carefully, be mentally acute, possess high emotional intelligence, and have confidence in their ability to be successful. Salespeople are often required to react spontaneously to surprises, provide clear product-related explanations, and trust their instincts to close deals, especially in the virtual world. These are learned attributes of an effective salesperson that take years of experience to acquire, and which can be developed on an accelerated schedule by practicing the art of improv. 

With Practice, Sales Professionals will develop an Inherent Talent and Heightened Awareness for:



In Improv, other actors in your scene are partners with you. Providing detailed information about relationships, locations, and stories can create emotional connections between characters and their audience.  This skill is highly applicable for salespeople in establishing a rapport with prospective customers in outbound marketing or group-based virtual meetings.



Improvisational acting exercises unlock spontaneity. Actors who master these fundamentals imagine whole new worlds right in front of an audience’s eyes without any prior rehearsal.  This is a translatable talent for sales professionals who often open conversations cold and begin guiding their prospective clients through a buying journey.



Improv provides a safe and supportive environment for taking chances.  Failure is celebrated as growth. Participants are encouraged to make bold choices and try new techniques among their peers in a judgment free atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to practice and get repetitions (reps) without the risk of losing real clients.



A “Group Mind” is an improv term meaning all participants in a scene are in sync emotionally and on the same page mentally.  It is a strong present feeling of agreement, a shared vision for telling a story and sense of connection with those in the scene and the audience.  This is a highly effective technique when practiced in team-based sales environments.



Improv exercises are intended to go fast so actors don’t have time to think of the perfect thing to say.  Games are designed to pull participants out of their heads so that they begin trusting their ability to react honestly to what they see and hear without preconceived notions. This is especially helpful in sales where professionals can respond to surprises with more awareness.



The most well-known fundamental of Improv is saying “Yes, And” to the other actors in your scene.  Yes, And involves agreeing with what your partner is offering you and building on it by providing specific information for exploring or expanding the idea together.  This technique inspires collaboration among actors and their audience which also applies to sales.


Learn to convey emotion with empathy and paint a picture in the mind of your audience with improv

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Improv is conversation intelligence in the purest form with high-brow humor from the intellect which enhances personal and professional communication.

Here is how we do it

Corporate Workshops

Learn the fundamentals and apply them to your Sales Methodology

Virtual Instinct offers improvisational acting classes geared toward salespeople. We teach the fundamentals of improv in a corporate setting and then tailor the exercises and role-playing scenarios to a company’s specific sales methodology over a four-week engagement. Classes are designed for participants to get a high number of repetitions for newly learned skills to become instinctive.

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Individual Classes

Practice Improv with your peers & see your power of persuasion grow

Virtual Instinct offers weekly improvisational acting classes for salespeople of all experience levels.  Professionals from different companies can attend early morning sessions with other peers in their field.  The class curriculum includes specific improv exercises translatable to sales, focusing on repetition and practice.

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